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Billing and Insurance

Billing Details

Speech Language Pathologists in the private sector use a fee for service system.

Please download our convenient fee guide below.


Invoices and Payments

Clients are asked to pay for services prior to their appointment(s). Payments are conveniently completed through our online booking system at time of scheduling. Official receipts are provided for tax and insurance purposes.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Your appointments are very important to us. Our goal is to provide quality care to all our patients in a timely manner. As a courtesy to our providers and our other clients, we respectfully request that you follow our policy guidelines below.

Full session fees will be billed for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, and for missed appointments without notification (no-shows). No-show and late cancellation fees are not reimbursable by insurance. 

To avoid fees, we kindly ask that you cancel or reschedule your appointment with greater than 48 hours notice. This can be done through our online booking system. Payments will be credited towards another appointment.

We understand there may be times when an unforeseen or extenuating emergency occurs. Should you experience an extenuating circumstance, please contact your SpeakSTRONG© provider right away. Thank you!

Download Our Fee Guide

We are proud to offer high quality services from qualified professionals at competitive prices.

Our prices are available at your convenience in our downloadable fee guide, sent straight to your inbox!

Insurance Options

We will work with you to design a therapy plan that fits your budget. We also encourage you to explore coverage options that may apply to you. 

Income Tax Deductions

Good news! Fees for Speech Language Pathology services may be claimed as a medical expense on your taxes. For more information, please visit the Government of Canada personal income tax website here.

British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Unfortunately, the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) does not cover the cost of private speech, language, or swallowing services for adults. 

Insurance Coverage

Certain extended Health Insurance plans do offer coverage for Speech Language Pathology services. You are encouraged to consult with your insurance provider for details regarding your individual coverage and requirements. For example, some providers require you to receive a physician referral prior to your Speech Language Pathology service.

In British Columbia, common providers of extended health benefits include:

Please note that we do not bill directly to insurance. 


Disability Tax Credit

You may be eligible for a Disability Tax Credit (DTC) with Canada Revenue Agency. To learn more, please visit the Government of Canada DTC website here.

WorkSafe BC

If you require Speech Language Pathology services due to a workplace injury, disease, or accident, then you may be eligible for support from WorkSafe BC. To learn more, please visit the WorkSafe BC website here


If you require Speech Language Pathology services due to a motor vehicle accident, then you may be eligible for support from The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). To learn more, please visit the ICBC claims website here.

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